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Barcelona888: Introduction to Crazy Time Live Casino Game

Crazy Time Live Explore the thrill of at Barce888 Casino, master the gameplay, seize big wins bonus games, and immerse yourself in entertainment.

In the realm of online gaming, Crazy Time stands out as a mesmerizing live game show, blending the allure of a classic game show with the excitement of a casino game like roulette. Developed on the successful Dream Catcher money wheel concept, Crazy Time takes the interactive fun to a whole new level.

With the added thrill of multipliers from the Top Slot and four enticing bonus games, this live online experience promises an unparalleled adventure.

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Crazy Time Details & Information

Cash HuntVariable95.72%3.70%
Coin FlipVariable95.70%5.56%
Crazy TimeVariable94.41%1.85%
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Crazy Time Online Casino Features

Crazy Time thrives on interactive elements and cutting-edge technology, allowing players to reap various multipliers in bonus games. The live entertainment combined with advanced RNG gameplay provides a unique player experience. 

Unveiling the Wheel

The Crazy Time wheel boasts 54 slots, offering eight different sections for players to place their bets. These sections include numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10, each representing a different multiplier. Half of the sections feature bonus games like Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, Pachinko, and the intriguing Crazy Time history.

The Game Dynamics

The game kicks off with a slot spinning randomly, aiming to align a segment with a multiplier before the wheel takes its final spin. As a fusion of a classic game show and a popular casino game, Crazy Time offers a live, dynamic, and engaging experience.

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How to Play Crazy Time Online Casino

Before the wheel spins, players decide on sections to bet on, choosing from 54 slots across eight different sections. Bets on numbers 1, 2, 5, or 10 can yield payouts ranging from 1:1 to 10:1, while bonus games entrance players into the exhilarating world of Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, or the Crazy Time bonus wheel.

Crazy Time Online Casino Bonus Games

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Betting on the Pachinko Bonus introduces a 3.7% chance of winning. The presenter guides players to the Crazy Time Pachinko wall, filled with pins and multipliers. The glowing puck’s journey down the wall determines the final multiplier, with the potential for doubled values for an extra twist.

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Cash Hunt

Opting for the Cash Hunt bonus opens doors to a massive 9×12 grid with 108 symbols turning into multipliers. The interactive game allows each player to embark on their shooting gallery adventure, revealing personal combinations of multipliers. Luck plays a vital role in securing those high multiplier values.

Coin Flip

Betting on the Coin Flip Bonus involves a 5.56% chance of triggering. The Flip-O-Matic game machine, driven by RNG, delivers two random multiplier values. A coin flip determines whether the red or blue multiplier value multiplies the bet, adding an extra layer of anticipation to the game.

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Crazy Time

Crazy Time, the pinnacle of the live casino game, promises substantial payout possibilities. The Crazy Time Bonus Wheel, with its 64-segment wheel, introduces players to a theme park/candy world. Choosing a flapper sets the wheel in motion, with multipliers reaching up to an enticing 20,000x.

Crazy Time Results, Statistics, and Spin History

Esball eu Casino, powered by EVO Live Casino from Tracksino Crazy Time, stands as the hub for Crazy Time enthusiasts. Here, players can delve into Crazy Time results, statistics, and spin history, gaining insights into the top 300+ highest multiplier stats.

Crazy Time Online Casino Payout, RTP, and Winning Probabilities

Crazy Time’s payouts vary based on active multipliers, with numbered fields guaranteeing 10:1, 5:1, 2:1, or 1:1 returns. The game’s RTP ranges between 94.41% to 96.08%, offering players diverse options for wagering, each with its own set of odds and winning probabilities.

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Strategies to Maximize Wins Crazy Time

Utilizing our 5 effective strategies, we can assist you in achieving victory in Crazy Time, Including Understand the Game, Strategic Betting Numbers and Bonus Games, Timing is Key Place Your Bets Wisely.

1. Understand the Game 

Before placing your bets, take the time to thoroughly understand how Crazy Time works. Familiarize yourself with the wheel, the different segments, and the types of bets available. 

Pro Tip: Explore the game in demo mode first. This allows you to practice without risking real money, gaining confidence in your understanding of Crazy Time.

2. Strategic Betting Numbers and Bonus Games

Crazy Time offers a range of betting options, from numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10 to engaging bonus games like Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, and the Crazy Time Bonus Wheel. 

Pro Tip: Allocate a portion of your budget specifically for bonus game bets, ensuring you have the chance to capitalize on the exciting multipliers they offer.

3. Timing is Key Place Your Bets Wisely

Crazy Time operates on a fast-paced schedule, with bets closing after a brief 13 seconds. Quick decision-making is crucial. Develop a strategy for placing your bets efficiently within this time frame. 

Pro Tip: Pre-plan your betting strategy based on your budget and risk tolerance. This will help you act swiftly during the betting rounds.

4. Bankroll Management Play Smartly

One of the keys to success in Crazy Time is effective bankroll management. Set a budget for your gaming session and stick to it. Avoid chasing losses, and know when to step back. 

Pro Tip: Consider using a percentage-based approach for your bets. Many successful players recommend keeping individual bets within a certain percentage of your total bankroll.

5. Stay Informed Follow Crazy Time Results

Stay updated on Crazy Time results, statistics, and spin history, especially if you’re playing at Esball eu Casino. Understanding the recent trends and top multipliers can inform your betting decisions. 

Pro Tip: Regularly check Esball eu Casino for the latest Crazy Time results and statistics. This knowledge can be a valuable asset in refining your gameplay strategy.

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Top rated Online Casino for Crazy Time

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Best Casino to play Crazy Time is Barce888 Casino . For the ultimate Crazy Time adventure, Barce888 Casino stands out as a premier destination.

With a gaming environment designed for thrill-seekers, Barce888 Casino delivers a seamless and immersive Crazy Time experience. Explore the world of Crazy Time like never before, as Barce888 Casino takes the live gaming experience to new heights.


In conclusion, Crazy Time Live Games redefine the online gaming experience, blending entertainment, interactivity, and substantial winning possibilities. The fusion of classic game show elements with casino game dynamics creates a unique and engaging atmosphere for players.

As you embark on your Crazy Time journey, may the wheel spin in your favor, and Pachinko the multipliers unveil unprecedented rewards. Dive into the thrill at Barce888 Casino, where Crazy Time comes to life in all its glory.

Top Casino Bonus for Crazy Time

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Crazy Time Live Games is a unique online game show that combines elements of a classic game show with the excitement of popular casino games like roulette. It stands out for its interactive features, bonus games, and the opportunity to add multipliers to winnings.

Absolutely! Many online casinos, including Esball eu Casino, offer a demo mode for Crazy Time. This allows players to practice and understand the game mechanics without the risk of losing real money.

Barce888 Casino is renowned for providing a seamless and immersive Crazy Time experience. With a gaming environment designed for thrill-seekers, Barce888 Casino stands out as a premier destination for those seeking the ultimate live gaming adventure.

To enhance your chances of success, strategically diversify your bets. Mix safer number bets (1, 2, 5, 10) with occasional ventures into bonus games like Pachinko, Cash Hunt, Coin Flip, and the Crazy Time Bonus Wheel.

Staying informed about Crazy Time results is crucial for making more informed betting decisions. Esball eu Casino provides comprehensive statistics, helping players understand trends and top multipliers for a strategic gameplay approach.

Yes, pre-plan your betting strategy based on your budget and risk tolerance. This preparation allows you to act swiftly during the brief betting rounds, optimizing your chances of success.

Effective bankroll management is key. Set a budget for your gaming session, avoid chasing losses, and consider a percentage-based approach for individual bets. This disciplined approach ensures an enjoyable gaming experience without unnecessary financial strain.

The Crazy Time Bonus Wheel, with its 64-segment wheel, offers substantial winning possibilities. The maximum multiplier can reach an enticing 20,000x, providing players with the chance to win significant rewards.

For bonus games, such as Pachinko, Cash Hunt, and Coin Flip, allocate a portion of your budget specifically for these bets. These bonus games can yield thrilling multipliers, and a balanced approach enhances your potential for both steady wins and exciting jackpot prizes.

Before diving into the live experience, explore Crazy Time in demo mode. This allows you to practice without risking real money, gaining confidence in your understanding of the game dynamics and increasing your overall enjoyment of the live gameplay.

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