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Barcelona888: 5 Dragons Fishing Game Review & Free Demo

JDB 5 Dragons Fishing Game is a fish shooting game by JDB Gaming, read our review and play JDB 5 Dragons Fishing demo game to discover how to win at Barce888. Whether you’re an experienced gamer or a beginner explorer, the game provides various choices, including selecting your weapon and adjusting bets, providing a customized and exciting gaming experience.

Embark on a quest for treasures alongside mysterious dragons, utilizing shark cannons and depth charges to seize underwater marvels. Featuring elements such as Dragon Bonus, Shark Mouth Cannon, and the inspection by the Giant Dragon, 5 Dragons Fishing guarantees a captivating mix of strategy, skill, and the opportunity for abundant rewards beneath the ocean’s surface.

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Free Demo: 5 Dragons Fishing

5 Dragons Fishing Game Free Play Demo

5 Dragons Fishing Details & Information

Software JDB
Type Video Arcade
Max Win 1800X
Sit Per Table 4
Min Coins Size 0.10
Max Coins Size 1

How to Play 5 Dragons Fishing

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To play 5 Dragons Fishing, you should Understanding the Mechanics, Placing Bets and Managing Paylines, Choosing the Game Venue. Learn how to play 5 Dragons Fishing with the guide of our tips below.

1.Understanding the Mechanics

In the immersive world of 5 Dragons Fishing, grasping the game mechanics is essential for a successful underwater expedition. We explore the intricacies of target management, the art of selecting the ideal weapon, and the finesse of adjusting bets.

Target Management (Auto-Shooting)
The core essence of 5 Dragons Fishing lies in precise target management, where the player’s adeptness with the auto-shoot feature determines their triumph. As projectiles navigate the game’s interface, comprehending the nuances of auto-shooting becomes vital. Skillfully directing projectiles towards animated marine life defines the player’s path to mastering the seas.

Weapon Selection
Choosing the appropriate weapon is a strategic choice that molds the outcome of the submerged journey. Players navigate through a variety of armaments, deliberating between shark cannons and depth charges.

Each selection carries its own array of benefits and obstacles, shaping the overall gaming experience. The decision of weaponry plays a crucial role in attaining high scores and asserting dominance in the Treasure War of the Five Dragons.

Bet Customization
In the dynamic realm of 5 Dragons Fishing, players wield the ability to steer their fate through bet customization. From the outset, opting between beginner, expert, and the challenging 5 dragons mode sets the tone for diverse bets, payouts, and gameplay encounters. The game’s adaptability empowers players to tailor their bets, ensuring an exhilarating and personalized gaming journey.

2.Placing Bets and Managing Paylines

As players embark on the aquatic odyssey, comprehending the intricacies of bet placement and payline navigation becomes pivotal for success. The game offers an array of betting options, ranging from conservative amounts to high-risk wagers. Thoughtfully selecting the bet size influences potential rewards and introduces a strategic element to the gameplay.

3.Choosing the Game Venue

The selection of the game venue establishes the ambiance for the underwater escapade. Players can opt for the jovial Happy Hall, the opulent Regal Hall, or the prestigious Five Dragons Hall.

Each venue features distinct multiplayer dynamics, fostering a social dimension within the game. The choice of the game venue integrates a communal aspect into the gaming experience, enriching the overall enjoyment for players.

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Games Features of 5 Dragons Fishing

The game features of 5 Dragons Fishing are interesting, included Dragon Bonus, Shark Mouth Cannon, Depth Charge Bullets without further ado, let’s dive in and see each of them below!

Barce888 - 5 Dragons Fishing - Bonus -

Dragon Bonus

Delve deep into the heart of the 5 Dragons Fishing adventure with the Dragon Bonus feature, an enthralling addition that injects layers of excitement into the gameplay. Activated when players snag the elusive dragon portal during the bonus round, the Dragon Bonus unfurls a captivating saga.

Tapping on the amber screen unveils multipliers reaching up to 36 times, embodied by Red Holy Pearl, Green Holy Pearl, Blue Holy Pearl, Purple Holy Pearl, and White Holy Pearl. The pursuit of Divine Pearls heightens the exhilaration, with the bonus round culminating upon gathering two at any Dragon Throne.

Seize the moment when multiple dragon thrones align, unleashing the potential to scoop up a staggering bet of up to 1800X. The interplay of multiplayer action on the five dragon thrones adds an extra layer of anticipation and reward.

Shark Mouth Cannon

Embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey with the Shark Mouth Cannon, a formidable weapon that not only ignites the imagination but also bestows generous rewards.

Capturing the Shark Mouth Cannon during gameplay unlocks a 5X reward based on the bullet’s bet level, coupled with an immediate bonus of 30 free bullets. Precision becomes paramount as players target fish with a multiplier of 10 or higher, augmenting the capture rate. For fish with a multiplier of 10 or less, an enticing opportunity arises to randomly receive a 2 to 5X multiplier, elevating the gaming experience to unprecedented heights.

Depth Charge Bullets

The strategic utilization of Depth Charge Bullets introduces a tactical edge to the 5 Dragons Fishing adventure. Capturing these dynamic bullets during gameplay results in a lucrative 5X payout based on the bullet’s bet level, accompanied by an instant boon of 30 additional Depth Charge Bullets. The player seizes control, selecting any fish displayed for capture, injecting an element of skill into the gameplay.

Weapon Bonus

A synergistic interplay between the Shark Mouth Cannon and Depth Charge Bullets triggers the Weapon Bonus, a feature that amplifies the stakes and rewards. Capturing the Shark Mouth Cannon using either ammunition source bestows a substantial 25X reward based on the bullet’s bet level.

Similarly, capturing Depth Charge Bullets yields a commendable 15X reward, providing players with multiple avenues to bolster their scores and enhance their gaming prowess.

5 Dragon Inspection

Experience the awe-inspiring presence of the Giant Dragon during the 5 Dragon Inspection, an event that unfolds randomly in each scene. Capture the Giant Dragon, and witness your bet undergo a breathtaking multiplication ranging from 50 to 500X. This mystical encounter introduces an unpredictable and exhilarating dimension to the gameplay, where fortune favors the bold.

Golden Anglerfish

Encounter the mysterious Golden Anglerfish, a harbinger of potential riches beneath the waves. Capturing the Golden Anglerfish during gameplay reveals Holy Pearls, with rewards assigned to each bubble, accumulating to a maximum of 300X. This elusive creature introduces an element of chance and exploration, enticing players to delve into the depths in pursuit of extraordinary rewards.

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5 Strategies to win at 5 Dragons Fishing

Utilizing our 5 effective strategies, we can assist you in achieving victory in 5 Dragons Fishing, encompassing Mastering Game Mechanics, Strategic Bet Placement and Paylines, Game Room Selection and more.

1.Mastering Game Mechanics

  • Understand Target Control (Auto Shoot): Utilize the auto-shoot feature to your advantage. Refer to the direction of the cannon and let bullets bounce off the game interface edges to determine game results.
  • Choose Weapons Wisely: Navigate the arsenal of shark cannons and depth charges with a keen eye on rewards and challenges.
  • Optimize Bet Adjustment: Tailor your bets based on your chosen game mode—beginner, expert, or the challenging 5 dragons. Flexibility in bet sizes enhances your overall gaming experience.

2.Strategic Bet Placement and Paylines

  • Betting Dynamics: Navigate the range of bet options, from modest amounts to high-stakes gambles, influencing potential rewards. Wise bet placement adds a strategic layer to your gameplay.
  • Payline Navigation: Understand the paylines and how they intertwine with your bets. This knowledge enhances your ability to navigate the underwater adventure effectively.

3.Game Room Selection

Choose Wisely: The game room selection—Happy Hall, Regal Hall, or Five Dragons Hall—adds a communal element to the game. Understand the multiplayer dynamics associated with each room to optimize your gaming experience.

4.Dragon Bonus Mastery

  • Triggering Dragon Bonus: Catch the dragon portal during the bonus game to unlock the Dragon Bonus feature.
  • Multiplier Madness: Click on the amber screen to reveal multipliers (up to 36 times) represented by various Holy Pearls.
  • Divine Pearl Quest: Collect two Divine Pearls at any Dragon Throne to conclude the bonus game.
  • Maximize Multiplayer Action: Align 4 multipliers Holy Pearls and 5 dragon thrones simultaneously for a colossal win of up to 1800X.

5.Shark Mouth Cannon Tactics

  • Capture for Rewards: Grab the Shark Mouth Cannon during the game to receive a 5X reward based on the bullet’s bet level.
  • Bonus Bullets: Enjoy an immediate bonus of 30 free bullets upon capturing the Shark Mouth Cannon.
  • Multiplier Hunt: Target fish with a multiplier of 10 or above to increase capture rates, and for fish with a multiplier of 10 or less, seize the chance for a 2 to 5X multiplier randomly.

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Top rated Online Casino for 5 Dragons Fishing

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Best Casino to play 5 Dragons Fishing is Barce888 Casino. Barce888 Casino Malaysia caters to players of all proficiency levels, offering options to tweak bets and delve into various game modes.

Featuring captivating bonuses like the opportunity to activate the Dragon Bonus and engage with the Shark Mouth Cannon and Depth Charge Bullets, Barce888 Casino Malaysia stands out as the prime choice for those in pursuit of both entertainment and significant rewards.


In summary, the captivating universe of “5 Dragons Fishing” invites players into an underwater realm brimming with treasures, dynamic gameplay, and enticing features.

From mastering the intricacies of game mechanics and strategic bet placements to encountering mythical beings such as the Giant Dragon and the elusive Golden Anglerfish, the game provides a deep and immersive journey.

Whether you’re enticed by the excitement of multiplayer interactions, the allure of bonuses, or the strategic nuances of weapon selections, “5 Dragons Fishing” guarantees an unforgettable expedition beneath the ocean’s surface. Embrace the challenge, delve into the depths, and establish your dominance as the ultimate Master of the Ocean in this captivating online fishing escapade.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

“5 Dragons Fishing” is an immersive online fishing game set in an underwater world filled with treasures and challenges.

To play, you’ll navigate the underwater environment, aiming and shooting at various fish and creatures to earn rewards.

Key features include target control, weapon selection, bet adjustment, bonuses like the Dragon Bonus, and encounters with mythical creatures.

Yes, the game offers different modes catering to players of all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned experts.

Players can earn rewards through successful captures, activating bonuses, and encountering special features like the Dragon Bonus.

Yes, the game offers multiplayer action in various game rooms, enhancing the social aspect of gameplay.

The Dragon Bonus can be unlocked by catching the dragon portal during the bonus game.

These are special features in the game that offer rewards and bonuses when captured during gameplay.

Players can encounter creatures like the Giant Dragon and the elusive Golden Anglerfish during their underwater journey.

To become the ultimate Master of the Ocean, players must master game mechanics, strategically place bets, and explore all the game has to offer, including bonuses and encounters with mythical creatures.

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